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TikTok and the possible challanges

TikTok and the possible challanges

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Today most people have an accout on TikTok, for watch videos that show you what happen in other life, and it isn’t real, that they use tricks, can help people to simplify their life, but some videos are very dangerous, because represent things and action more dangerous for example: cross the station line, while the train is passing.

This situation are an example the dangerous, that the social can destroy the young people for nothing important, as their life, therefore the young people must can win the challanges launch by the influencer on this platform to demostrate, that they can do a better performance at any cost.

There are most important, that the young people not follow this person, because are dangerous for theirselfish and other people, that they can think that that videos on this platform are real, but in more cases there are more post-production, that render the videos more real, but nothing is real, bcause the challange sometimes doesn’t know the trick that are  behind, this videos.

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