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European ventures & investors win at Global Startup Awards

Four of the eight winners announced at the 2019 event were from Europe: reflecting the continent’s commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation. The Global Startup Awards is the world’s largest independent startup ecosystem competition. Its mission is to find, recognise, and connect people from around the world who will shape the future of the digital age. Since 2012, when it began in Denmark, the annual award ceremony selects individuals and startups that have done outstanding work in the fields of business and community…. (Continua a leggere)

Start Up Energy Transition Tech Festival announces 2020 finalists

Start-ups from eleven countries will present their business models for energy transition and climate protection at the Start-Up Energy Transition Tech Festival taking place on the 24th of March in Berlin There are15 start-ups that will be showcasing portable battery systems; cross-industry storage systems; software for inspecting power lines; cleaning methods for air conditioning systems or retrofit solutions for buildings. The award will be presented by the German Energy Agency (dena) in cooperation with the World Energy Council. Out of the 600… (Continua a leggere)

UAE- District 2020 calls for start-ups to be part of its innovation ecosystem

(MENAFN – Khaleej Times) District 2020 has launched a global entrepreneur programme, Scale2Dubai, which enables start-ups and small businesses to expand internationally by becoming part of its innovation ecosystem. Evolving from Expo 2020 Dubai, the next World Expo (October 20 to April 10, 2021), District 2020 will be a mixed-use community and innovation ecosystem that will contribute to the growth of Dubai’s innovation economy. Targeting enterprises across the world, District 2020’s Scale2Dubai programme will build on the platform provided by… (Continua a leggere)

Brain cede il Progetto Telemetria

I cambiamenti continuano a interessare il mondo dell’economia italiana. A valorizzare la visione di impresa è Brain, la startup con la nuova divisione Consulting, la quale intende rilanciare e proporre la struttura “R&D on demand” dedicata alle aziende grandi e piccole. Sarà proprio Brain, società di consulenza e sviluppo SW e HW per conto di aziende e startup, a cedere a una multinazionale italiana, legata ai motorsport e alla Formula Uno, il progetto di telemetria senza fili per smartphone denominato… (Continua a leggere)

Brevetti, start-up e investimenti esteri. A Milano l’ex quartiere operaio di diventa globale

«Appena di là dalle fabbriche, dai camini e dai gasometri, i treni della Nord passavano e ripassavano indifferenti e veloci». Rileggendo il racconto di Giovanni Testori, a distanza di quasi 60 anni, in Bovisa la grande certezza è quella dei treni. Che continuano a transitare, scaricando però nel quartiere una popolazione decisamente diversa rispetto ad allora. Non più pendolari, impegnati a raggiungere le aziende chimiche, meccaniche o le industrie del gas che qui popolavano l’area. Ora soprattutto giovani, a migliaia,… (Continua a leggere)

Intesa Sanpaolo presenta a New York le startup innovative del fashion

Nell’ambito del Decoded fashion New York Summit 2017, svoltosi a New York in collaborazione con Intesa Sanpaolo, sono state selezionate tre startup italiane presentate accanto alle imprese internazionali più innovative e promettenti nei settori moda e lusso. Sempre a New York Intesa Sanpaolo ha anche organizzato la Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative FashionTech Showcase. Nel corso dell’evento, sette startup – tre italiane e quattro internazionali – hanno presentato i propri business plan e le proprie strategie a circa 100 potenziali investitori e stakeholder… (Continua a leggere)

Insurtech, London & NY are the cream of the crop

The Big Apple is the new excellence for innovation in the insurance sector, in spite of Silicon Valley. While London continues to attract investment despite Brexit. Here’s what happens in the two most attractive places for startups Forbes enthrones New York as emerging capital in insurtech, the technological innovation that is revolutionizing insurance industry. After years of undisputed Silicon Valley dominance for the tech industry, now that technology has become transversal to any other industry, the map of the most dynamic hubs… (Continua a leggere)

Big data, Israeli insurtech startups that venture capital likes

The main investment fund in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Venture Partners, invested in GetmeIns and Seegnature. The former has developed a platform to prevent fraud, the second a technology that allows companies to close remote contracts. GetmeIns and Seegnature are two Israeli startups who participated and won the first startup competition for insurtech launched in Israel last November by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP – the largest venture capital fund in Israel, nearly one billion dollars available). The competition raffled a million… (Continua a leggere)

Why it’s time for the Arab world to unshackle its start-ups

In a start-up hub in the heart of Cairo, some of the Middle East’s brightest minds are turning innovative technologies into exciting business models. When I toured the Greek Campus technology park a few months ago, the optimism was palpable. It made sense. In a region that has struggled to find its economic footing since the Arab Spring – and where conflicts still rage in Syria, Yemen and parts of Iraq – the entrepreneurial ideas being refined in innovation spaces… (Continua a leggere)

A Silicon Valley startup founder drove 3,000 miles across America in an RV

Driving across the US to meet with everyday Americans is becoming a popular pastime — or marketing stunt — for tech executives living in the Silicon Valley bubble. Joshua Reeves, the cofounder and CEO of the human-resources software startup Gusto, joined the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and top investor Sam Altman when he visited 11 cities in 10 states, meeting Gusto customers and learning about their businesses, goals, and values. We talked to Reeves about what he learned from his… (Continua a leggere)