The most beautiful sand beaches in Liguria

The most beautiful sand beaches in Liguria

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The beaches of Liguria are not famous for sand, as they are characterized by sheer cliffs and promontories half-hidden by wild vegetation. Yet, Liguria has some sandy beaches that are worth seeing and attending.

Paraggi Santa Margherita Ligure

Let’s start with Paraggi beach, which may look small but is really a little gem that deserves to be visited. It is no coincidence that Paraggi is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Golden sand as soft as clouds, but above all, crystal clear waters full of biodiversity all to be admired.

Surrounding this delightful corner of paradise is dense vegetation and houses in the typical local style. It is ideal for those who do not like beaches that are too big and especially for those who are not afraid of having to take a bit of a drive to get there: logistically, Paraggi is a bit inconvenient.

Spiaggia della Baia del Silenzio, Sestri Levante

It is just so Italian and so beautiful that it is found on all international lists of the best possible destinations when going to the beach in Italy. To us it looks like “just another beach,” but in fact it is the perfect summary of the dolce vita that foreign tourists hope to have here. The houses stand beside a golden beach, and the water is clean and crystal clear. We must say, however, that in addition to sand, there are also a few pebbles.

Monterosso, Cinqueterre

It is widely considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria. The reason is quickly stated: it is easy to reach, it is well equipped by quality establishments, and above all, the location is super.

Monterosso is the beach on everyone’s lips, so it is no surprise that it is also very crowded. It is close to the train station, which says a lot about how easily accessible it can be.

However, those coming to the beach with children or the elderly should come to Monterosso to enjoy Ligurian hospitality and truly excellent beach facilities, as well as sunsets to remember in this beautiful region.

Cavi di Lavagna, Genova

Cavi is a hamlet of Lavagna that earns the Blue Flag every year for its wonderful waters. Cavi di Lavagna has a wonderful beach, about 4 kilometers long and consisting mostly of sand. It is as well equipped as Monterosso, but perhaps a tad less popular. The facilities are very suitable for families with children, as the Green Flag that flies over the establishments also attests.


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