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Italian politician: Roberto Maroni died at 67 years

Italian politician: Roberto Maroni died at 67 years

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Roberto Maroni leader of the Northern Leg died on Tuesday at the age of 67 years.

Was a pragmatic person, because revolutionate the party and the politics, who moderated the line of the party and the radically sessionist.

Today the Nationalist League remember this person, and respected across the political spectrum, because modernize the politics and was a person, who rapresentative the politics expression the old school of politics, and his name his recognize in the world for his intention and dedition for politics and the widely respected in the party.

Maroni served as Interior Minister in the first gouvernment of Berlusconi 1994-1995, labor minister in the secound gouvernment in 2001 and again Interior Minister in third Berlusconi gouverment in 2008 and 2011.

He had highly visible, because is a protagonist in the politics and his trade mark red-rimmed glasses and he was a pianist and he played in a band in Varese.

Was a person with various interest, that express the example of the politics, in the modern world.

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