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Pavlopetri: the underwater city more old in the world

Pavlopetri: the underwater city more old in the world

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The discoveries in the underwater, they capture our attention.

Pavlopetri, is in the region of the Peloponneso from Southern of Greece, and they think that it has about 5000 years ago, going up to the heroes of Omero.

In the 1904 a geologist, called Folkion Negris, has discovered this island for the first time, but it was discovered again in 1964 by Nicholas Flemming, of the Istitute of Oceanography of the University Southambton, that they describe the city submerged by 3 or 4  meters of water.

Flamming arrived again on the site with a group of archaeologists, the team have estimated an area covered by 300 or 150 metres, with some buildings separated, beyond a corridor with five street and 37 cist tombs.

They have also discovered, that the underwater city continued verse south, on the island called Palvpetri, where they have discovered a rests of walls and other archaeological materials.