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The artificial intelligence learn to discuss the philosofy

The artificial intelligence learn to discuss the philosofy

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An artificial intellegence learn to answer a filosofic request, mimicking his human twin, that his the american filosofy Daniel Dennett, know for his science theory of the filosofy science and, that of biology.

The system works in same ways of the ChatGpt, it is a collaboration with Europe and America.

This project is described in the arXiv platform, that it welcomes article, pending scrutiny by the scientific community.

In the ultimate mounths there are a creative use of the artificial intelligence, by algorithms able to draw a little masterpieces, starting from a text description, chatbot able to elaborate in a few moments any type of texts, until artificial intelligence that,  it reproduce the content, that mimicking artists or writer famous.

Now arrived algorithms that imitate the filosophy.

To transform the idea in reality was Eric Schwitzgebel of the California University. The researchers  have requested 10 request to the philosopher Daniel Dannett, and his answer were provided to the AI, called Digi-Dan.