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Children: the risks in Internet

Children: the risks in Internet

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For the children the tecnology is dangerous, without the parents presents, because, they can stumble in sites, that it’s possibile can be dangerous, for the children, it’s necessary activate the parents control in the App, that we retain dangeround for the kids.

That can traumatize the children, that can watches something more dangerous, that can repeate, for example TikTok, offers videos that, can it possible for the children and the adolescents, that can repeat the video dangerous, and they can get hurt, until death.

For this it’s more important talk to the children about the risks, that they can find in Internet and explaining to them, what happen, if they repeat o wacth this videos, because the family must do this, towards to your children, to warn them to the rirks, and the person that can’t not be good for them.

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