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The delimite and the useful of the robots

The delimite and the useful of the robots

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The robots are becaming more useful in our daily life, bacause they are in all sector of our life, and in most situation they can semplify the specific activity.

Today are used for different kind of operation, nowdays they’re most sydies that can project the robot to resolve determinate problems, that the human can’t do this, but the robot are useful but in the same time stool work for more people, in the next future  the human are replaced by the robots, that they will became always presents, and would learn to get along.

The robots in the same time are critical, bacause more people are not be able to use them, because it is important to preserve the relantioship with the people, in person and not only a computer, because of rescue to miss the relations and in the future the robots can do all the human roles, but not can preserve the relationship with the human.

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