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The Heart of Mars is smaller and denser than expected

The Heart of Mars is smaller and denser than expected

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The heart of Mars is smaller and denser than predicted, as shown by the first detections of seismic waves through the core of the Red Planet made by the seismometer of Nasa’s Insight probe.

The study is published on the newspaper American Academy of Science (Pnas), by an international team led by the Bristol University.

“In 1906, scientists discovered the Earth’s core by observing how seismic waves from earthquakes were affected by passing through it,” says Vedran Lekic, a geologist at the University of Maryland and second author of the study.

Underlying the study are “two seismic signals,” explains first author Jessica Irving of the University of Bristol, “one resulting from a very distant Martian earthquake and one from a meteorite impact that occurred on the other side of the planet.


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Source: Ansa.it

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