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Walt Disney: a fantasy of happy ending

Walt Disney: a fantasy of happy ending

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Only single fairy tales have an happy ending with a princess, that she is endangered and there is a prince must save the princess in difficulties with wicked witch, and the prince saved the princess and the story is concluded with an happy ending.

But the fairy tales, in the reality doesn’t exist, because the people are more difficulties and the life is more different, because of  each women don’t saved from the prince, and in rare cases the prince not resolved the problem, and the princess must be cohabit with the ideas, that is more powerful than the fairy tales, that they describe the world of the women more old.

The fairy tales are a stereotype, that the women need a man for found a happy ending, and they to be happy for the rest of the life with a man, but the in the reality the woman are different because are more complicated and the life change rapidly.

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