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The dangers from electronic cigarette

The dangers from electronic cigarette

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Today in the shops and the tabacco shop is spreading the use of the electronic cigaratte, with the people think that electronics cigarette are more healthy than the cigarette, but the electronic cigarette aren’t healthy and are dangerous as the normal cigarette, because the contain pre-filled vape liquid, and I think that, the electronic cigarette caused major dependency from the tabacco, because of the fact that you aren’t forced to buy another parcel of cigarette.

The electonic cigarette  caused therefore healthy problems as well as the normal cigarette as cancer, and the lung cancer , that they can teach something, because we have an only health, and they can’t wast it for this problems.

In the electonic cigaratte are inserted aromas, that they contribute a worsen the dependency, because of the good smell are agradable for the people, and we don’t realize, that are present a nicotine substancence as in the parcel of the cigarette.

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