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Press Note

Press Note

Giancarlo Elia Valori chair in the study of peace and regional cooperation
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During 2021 was started a project to come the subscription a scientist and academic collaboration protocol between the Liviv University Politecnico in Ukraina and The University la Sapienza in Rome.

This intensive work was started with a meet between both University was carried out at the Law Faculty from Sapienza promoted and facilitated from the fondamental Fondation of International and Geopolitics Studies chaired from the Professor Giancarlo Elia Valori preseted the Vice Rector for the Internalization from Sapienza, the Prof. Bruno Botta, the Faculty President Professor Oliviero Diliberto and the Ukraine delegation lead by the vice-rector, economic teach, the Prof. Nataliya Chukhray. The work proceed with intensive meets and information exchanges.

The course was being started no imaginate the tragedy of the war.

The agreement will be subscribide online on 16th March at 13 o’ clock (italian time, 2 pm in Ukraine) with the contestual signature between the Magnificent Rector, The Rector Prof, Antonella Polimeni for Sapienza and the Rector Prof. Yuriy Bobalo for the Leopol University. 

The Ukraine University claim an important and active italianistic section lead by Prof. Orest Vasylko therefore our country it has not only historical- cutural and istitutional foundations but also purely scientific foundations.

The scientist and didattical collaboration between both University will develop first of all in law field wirh particular attention in International Right and Union European Right as well as the increase of Slavic studies in Rome and Roman studies in Lviv.

But the same collaboration will interest also all discipline teach in the two University.

The agreement assume today  after the gestation occured in peace time, high and noble simbolic  value in this terrible moment. La Sapienza in Rome launched a  precise message for a famous academic istitution (the best in Europe): a message of solidarity, friendship and collaboration. The academic, therefore in the forms and in the areas in our competetion, it places itself with determination and generosity in peace service.

The science, the culture and the University teach rapresents infact, a decisive factor to overcome each forms of national selfish, prevarication and intolorance.