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ChatGpt is update and became a personal assistent

ChatGpt is update and became a personal assistent

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A cura di Monica e Tiziana Origgi

ChatGpt the software of the artificial intelligence, now it can navigate in realtime in the Web, it can access a information update, and interact, but not only with answer, burt also with actions, as a personal assistent, and it can answer with acting on behalf of the user.

The news arrived from the plugin, lauched by the society property OpenAI.

That extention are available in the Plus version with payement, and for a restrict group of users, that they have  access with a waiting list.

ChatGpt will can found new data, and it not limited for the information pocket, used in the 2021, during the initial addestration.

The twelve plugin available are useful to collect information in the external sites, are Expedia, FiscalNote, Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Milo, Open Table, Shopify, Slack, Wolfram and Zapier.

OpenAI show in video for example: the request of a user, that he want to eat saturday evening in a vegan restaurant in San Francisco, while for Sunday the request is a recipe with simple ingredients.

ChatGpt is able to carry out about all this request, calculating calories and it create a program with all ingredients already inserted in the trolley.