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In tre seconds the artificial intelligence steals the voice

In tre seconds the artificial intelligence steals the voice

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The artificial intelligence became always more similar as women and men in the flesh.

Before the algorithm ChatGPT, that it dialogues with the users, smoothly and it is more credible with the users.

Dall-E from a simply text realize an image as it as described.

Microsoft annuouced the new bot, called Vall-Eche, that it is able to replicate in tre seconds, a person’s timbre and way of speaking.

Vall-E it wnats to be more uman, Microsoft called this new tecnologies Based, from the artificial intelligence, a model of language codec neurals. Vall-E, drift from Encodec, an ecodec audio develops by Meta in 2022, that it is based on machine learning.

The differents the Vall-E that an oher instrument of vocal sintex, it is able to generate audio form a little voice samples.

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