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The detailed photographie of the Moon

The detailed photographie of the Moon

Colpo di scena, sulla Luna c’è molta più acqua del previsto
Sulla Luna i cinesi hanno scoperto un nuovo minerale
Le materie prime arriveranno dalla Luna

When the professionist with an instrumentation, that it cost a million, that they observe the celest bodies on the space is more intested, because the radio astronomers of Green Back Telescop, have created a system be able to observe distant worlds.

The first target was the Moon, but now the protagonist was Tycho crater, it was captured with a risolution of 5 meters.

There are a photografies of the Earth in a high risolution, that they revelated something from Earth surface.

The project uuses a low-power radar transmitter up to 700 watts of power.

With the new tecnologies we are seen the surface of the Earth, but in the next future we will see all, that surrounds us.

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