Water: discovered an underground canals of water

Water: discovered an underground canals of water

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Today, the scientists have discovered, that under the earth, exist water that can permit to access to water in the undergound canals.

In the year 2020 are wasted 41 cubic meters of water of the day, the 36,2 % the immersed water for the provincial capitals, that it aren’t recovered, because of the human waste water, without thinking the consequence.

The waste of water have important consequence of the agriculture, for the environment , social and economics, above all the period in the scarcity of the water.

The climate change impact on the envirnment and in the society, that caused serious consequences for all over the world and this theme is more important for the future generation, that they can’t have water to survive, and the risks is collapse of the planet.

A solution they can be the underground canals of water, that can permit to increase the reserve of the water for the population.

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