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The stategy of Fincantieri in the United States

The stategy of Fincantieri in the United States

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In the Unisted States Fincantieri lead of the Constellation-class frigates, also supported by USA Navy officersy.

In the recently visit of the Ceo Pierroberto Folgiero, and the president Claudio Graziano, they have taken a long interview with Breaking Defence, where they illustated the engagment of the society.

Folgiero and Graziano have visited the building site of the society to realize of the new frigates of the class Constellation of the Usa Navy, before they have met the U.S. Navy leadership.

The program Constellation is fondamental for the U.S. Navy, that as demostrate the name choise for the unity of the class, that it follows the names of the six original frigates of 1794, the very first of the then newborn U.S. Navy.

Fincantieri was selected in 2020 to  realize the monitor unity , with an other option for 9 ships.