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The logistic of cocoa from Southern America

The logistic of cocoa from Southern America

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The attention and care to the environment  in the production of cocoa from plantation in the Southern America today, is an important phanse, that can guarantee a better protection to the product  to the customer.

New and innovative tecnology of road transport  up to the embarkation port  became a first phase, that touch the environment impact. A million of Teu are embarked and transported by sea in the European ports, but above all Mediterrean and Liguri.  

Today, the specializaztion are much taller than the others.

But, also Gioia Tauro and the southern ports are today cutting edge.

Come on ship board for departure to the location of the transformation product. The customs burocracy today is much faster thanks to multimediality, and that the update systems.

The cocoa as the raw materials from plantation are became a speculative financial asset that overcame others products of international interest. The futures incresing of cocoa are engaged to buyers from Great Brands of products production.

A phenomenon thans to online information and social media brings knowlodge odf productive reality and each they can generate new opportunity and friendship. Now we can look the number…



Country  Tons  Tonnellate  Tons   


1 Costa d’Avorio 1,448,992 USA 1330167 Svizzera 8.8
2 Ghana 835,466 Paesi Bassi 1294792 Austria 8.1
3 Indonesia 777,550 Germania 1099643 Germania 7.9
4 Nigeria 367,000 Francia 793101 UK 7.6
5 Cameroon 275000 Belgio 715195 Svezia 6.6
6 Brasile 256186 UK 579583 Belgio 5.6
7 Ecuador 128449 Canada 349386 Russia 4.8
8 Messico 82000 Italia 310541 USA 4.4
9 Peru 71175 Spagna 349581 Francia 4.3
10 Repubblica Dominicana 68021 Polonia 265983 Brasile 1.2


The finance is engaged and is much taller and speculative.The stock exchange that hold back this product not known crisis. Grain, cocoa and cofee are not stagnant value, and are moves the maritime sector of logistic and ports.

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