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The important of approvation on soacial media

The important of approvation on soacial media

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Today almost everybody have an account social network, whwew we post a photograph, videos, and images in the social media, but in same cases this became a wish to appear, and associated with the social approvation, and the risk is bring up a fantasy, that it can’t exist.

Nowdays the needs to appear in the social media is more strong, and the request is: We are very happy as appear in the social media?

The reply born because in the social network, it deals with a manipulate the reality, and create fittitious hapiness. that not rapresent  the reality and the spontenity, but rapresent a construction reality create to make envy in the people, that they not rapresented in this model that the social demostrate as a reality.

The attention is more important, because this model of life influence the young people, that they believe in this, therefore the young people accept for the another people create an image, and the approvation on social media is important for their life.

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