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The minority labor work

The minority labor work

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Today continue the fhenomenon the children, that they are exploit to work, when they are child. 

Think about last estimates are 152 millions children and teeneger are forced to work and are victim of the minority work, half of them, 73 millions are forced to work in activity with more dangers, that to risk the health and without the aren’t any type of insurance and protection, and your moral develops in this system are more countries that the child are not respected, because of they have any rights and sometimes must work, because they aren’t anybody, that help them.

This is a situation, that takes away the children from the school, to employ them in the minority work, without providing them any kind of protection and instruction.

This system is useful for the person, who exploit and profit on the child minority work, to earn much money fot themselves, and the industry, that exploit children can develops facility, and without providing them the enjoy to be child.

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