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Vinted: new app for save the planet

Vinted: new app for save the planet

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Today the Web is devolping tahnks to tecnology and the born new app, for example Vinted that can permit to buy second hand clothes, an other people, that can reduce the waste of the clothes, that the people can pemit to buy clothes economics and give a second chance to clothes, that propably stay in the wardrobe.

Vinted is useful to reduce the pollution in the air and permit to contribuite to improve the environment, and the rescue to alimentary the climate change, that today is an argument most discuss, but never change nothing, because of the politics not done nothing to help the environmrnt, therefore the situation is in emergency, because the glace they will withdraw, though the problem today but in the near future, became a priority to everybody.

Vinted is a possibility to reduce this rescue and help the environment in the near future, buy clothes in the second hands, not it’s a mistake, but is a oppurtunity to change the disposable, and save the nature and the climate, for the future.

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