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Reel: for short communication on social media

Reel: for short communication on social media

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In the past years not existed Internet and the social media, and the population had only the reality, and nonone shared their life.

Today with the develop of the tecnology and the social media, is more symple share any time of  our life. though stories on Instagram and a shorts video called rell, that can rapresent what happen in our life to the public, and suggest something of each arguments, that can help other people and provide curiosity on the people, because of  they are interested to know the information, that are unkwown.

This short video show determinate things of their life, but in creative way, because behind this video there is much work to produce this video for the community, and the message must be clear and simply in communication, that the public like things more speedy, and they facility for anybody that you want to watch this short video.

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