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Encourage women in tecnology

Encourage women in tecnology

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More women she begin to enter in the sector of tecnology. Women are always caracterized only for sector in the history as hostess, cleaner, and to look after children for her mother instict, but now women can would occupated position, that before are only for man for example the tecnology.

More industries they’re opening couse for the women to encourage women to enter in the Tecnology University, because of the number of women registered in the IT sector are more lower than the number of the man, and to create the parity of the gender and is fondamental to increase women to enter to be part in the tecnology, therefore the future will revoluzionize each sector of the society.

To do this is fondamental educate women, throgh political, that include women and to find laws that can help women to be able to conciliate work and maternity , for not discriminated women, because the society is convict that the women are not able to understand tecnology and science.

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