Water is a blue gold

Water is a blue gold

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The earth is composed by 71 % of water, that is used in different ways and is distribued in different ways in the countries.

Today the water rapresents as a blue gold, because it’s very difficul find it in the planet, because is scarced, causing dangerous for the habitat of the marine species, that are suffering because they haven’t water to survive.

Many contruies living without the water, because the countries industralized waste it, without thinking to that population that they haven’t clean water to survive, and the rich countries not doing nothing, and in the future, because of the climate change the water, it will be a luxury, thanks to the human, that not think to the populations in difficulty, and in the 2030 the pupulations increased.

For this, would think to the future generation, that have the right to consume water as weel as us today.

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