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The magnesium metallic: is an alternative of lithium

The magnesium metallic: is an alternative of lithium

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Today, with the high cost of the lithium, because of the war birst in the European Unione, above all in Ukraine, the raw material have high costs, with the consequence in the industrial economics.

The scientist are looking for an alternative solution of lithium, to produce the smartphone and all the tecnology, and they found a discovered the magnesium metallic, that can will be a solution in the near future.

The magnesium metallics have greater stability and higher energy density; and are more cheaper than the lithium, above all in the Europe, that can utilize that product, without depending the other countries.

This is a probably solution for the future, because that product is more simple to produce in the European Union, because of the is more cheaper, and it is found in abundant quantities on Earth, without any problem.

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