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Magi and an all-new search engine for Google

Magi and an all-new search engine for Google

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Google is reportedly working on two parallel projects related to its search engine: the first, known internally by the code name Magi, would aim to integrate artificial intelligence-based features into the already online service, while the second would lead to the launch of a completely new platform.

Initially launching the indiscretion was the editorial staff of the New York Times.


Project Magi: AI injection for Google’s engine.

The first initiative, Magi, is expected to be made official as early as next month (perhaps at the I/O 2023 event), with the start of a test phase structured to involve a small group of users.

According to leaks, thanks to the new features introduced, users should be able to complete transactions such as buying a product or booking a trip directly from the service’s interface, without going through third-party sites.

Would be more than 160 employees already working full time to make the vision a reality in the near future. Built-in features would include one that would allow code to be written based on a received request. In a nutshell, something similar to what ChatGPT and other tools in the same category have today.


Source: Punto-informatico.it

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