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The secret corridor discovery in the Pyramid of Cheope

The secret corridor discovery in the Pyramid of Cheope

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In the pyramid of Cheope exists a corridor , that it function will be a mistery.

The hypothesis of his existence, was being left over, now thaks to a group of researchers Egyptian, French, Canadian, Japanese and German, of the University of Cairo.

The results of the international project, that since 2015 study, what there is inside the pyramid, of fourth (2620-2500 a.C. about).

The project called ScanPyramids it uses a particulary tecnology, that it  doesn’t need excavations or other investigations, that it has destry the structure of the Pyramid.

The news is the radiography muonica, a tecnique that it misures the quantity of particles called muons, with negative charge that are produced by the clash of cosmic rays with the atoms of the upper atmosphere.