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The Earth can have an other secret layer inside the nucleo?

The Earth can have an other secret layer inside the nucleo?

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The Earth could have an other secret layer inside his nucleus.

A group of scientists have ipotized, that exist a five layer inside the Earth.

That we know about the Earth center drift by a study of the scientists and the geological on volcanoes and seismic waves.

The nucleus inside the Earth have a temperature about 3.000 grades Celsius, and the scientists have discovered that, this areas occupate about 1 % of the total volume of our planet.

The scientists driven by the geophisic Joanne Stephenson, they are able to analize, in the way the material property inside the nucleos, could have influence the seismic waves.

In particulary the algorithms  have show how different materials,  that they altered the angle of seismic waves, altering the nucleos inside the Earth.

An other studies can permit to discover that exist an other layer between the nucleos and the mantle of the Earth.