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These are the largest offshore wind farms

Britain dominates the industry Last week, the world’s largest offshore wind farm opened off in the Irish Sea off England’s northwest coast. The Walney Extension is made up of 87 wind turbines manufactured by Siemens Gamesa and MHI Vestas and it covers 55 square miles, an area roughly equivalent to 20,000 football fields. The Vestas turbines stand 195 meters tall and they are the largest turbines in operation worldwide today, with each one optimized to generate 8.25 megawatts. The £1bn… (Continua a leggere)

Hong Kong now has more super-rich people than any other city

New York is no longer the city with the biggest super-rich population. Hong Kong overtook the Big Apple to become the top destination for the planet’s wealthiest people last year, according to a study published Thursday by research firm Wealth-X. The number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) residing in the Asian financial hub rose by almost a third in 2017 to 10,000, the study said. New York had held the top spot since Wealth-X first started ranking cities in 2011. The firm defines a UHNWI… (Continua a leggere)

Amazon sta creando un’alternativa a Youtube?

Qualche mese fa, in occasione dell’ufficializzazione della prima trimestrale 2018, il CFO di Amazon Brian Olsavsky aveva dichiarato che tra i piani futuri di Amazon ci sarebbe stato anche quello di un possibile ampliamento dell’inventory pubblicitariadisponibile. E ora sembra che tale programma potrebbe presto diventare realtà. Secondo quanto riporta il sito The Information, citando persone vicine ai fatti, Amazon avrebbe in piano di lanciare un nuovo servizio video per i suoi dispositivi streaming Fire TV (utilizzati da un numero stimato di 48 milioni… (Continua a leggere)

NASA is using underwater robots to explore the deep-sea off the Hawaiian coast

NASA is launching a new project to help it better understand the deepest parts of space, without ever leaving Earth. The announcement, made on Tuesday, is part of the government space agency’s Systematic Underwater Biogeochemical Science and Exploration Analog (SUBSEA) project and will help aid NASA’s search for life in deep space, as well as better understanding of our own planet. NASA believes the environment around a deep-sea volcano off the coast of Hawaii is similar to that of Saturn’s… (Continua a leggere)

Lockheed Martin unveils spacecraft ‘RV’ for human trips to Mars

People are serious about going to Mars NASA and its affiliated space contractors are set on sending humans to Mars, and while a crewed mission to the Red Planet is likely a few decades out at least, we are starting to get a sense of what the vehicles to make the long trip could look like. Lockheed Martin, one of six contractors NASA has approached to provide transportation to Mars, recently revealed a concept of a large spacecraft equipped with… (Continua a leggere)

Crisis with US may cost Turkey its historic helicopter export to Pakistan

If Turkey cannot manage to obtain permission for the technology transfer to a third party, then it must request an extension of the deliveries. A crisis in relations between Ankara and Washington has put Turkey’s historic defense export to Pakistan of 30 combat helicopters worth $1.5 billion in danger since transfer of the technology used the engines in the aircraft depends on securing a permission from the US State Department, the Hürriyet daily reported on Saturday. According to the report,… (Continua a leggere)

Rolls-Royce Rolls Out Concept of Vertical Takeoff Flying Taxi

The British aerospace giant has joined the fray for its share of the emerging market for hybrid vehicles, challenging the tycoons from the Silicon Valley and European corporations. The prototype is hoped to be flight-ready by the end of next year. The UK-based engine producer Rolls-Royce has presented a concept of its electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (EVTOL), dubbed the flying taxi, at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018 in London. The company claims that their first flying taxi could take to the skies as soon… (Continua a leggere)

Italy finally confirms its commitment to the TAP gas pipeline

The TAP will transport natural gas from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz II deposit to Europe. Italian President Sergio Mattarella confirmed his commitment to the implementation of the TAP gas pipeline, in the presence of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, in Baku. “The Southern Corridor and the Caspian Sea gas is of great importance to Europe,” the Italian head of government said. “In addition to our excellent co-operation -he added- in the field of energy, we sought opportunities for co-operation in… (Continua a leggere)

Cyber-security: progetto antifrode Eu-of2cen

Una piattaforma in cui far confluire tutte le segnalazioni provenienti da banche e Forze di polizia su transazioni sospette che avvengono in Rete, in modo da poter analizzare e condividere in tempo reale ogni informazione e bloccare così le operazioni illegali. È “Eu-of2cen” (European Union Online Fraud Cyber Centre Expert Network) il progetto ideato dalla Polizia di Stato, gestito dalla Polizia postale e delle comunicazioni, e finanziato dall’Unione europea per il contrasto al cybercrime finanziario. La fase conclusiva del progetto è stata… (Continua a leggere)

Polimi e Unibo insieme su Big Data

Politecnico di Milano, Università di Bologna e Fondazione Golinelli investono su big data e industria 4.0. Dopo l’avvio l’anno scorso della prima scuola in Italia di dottorato in Data Science and Computation, prende il via il Consorzio tra le due Università e Fondazione Golinelli per diventare punto di riferimento in Italia per la ricerca nel campo di Big Data e Data Science. Sono 16 le borse disponibili per il secondo anno della scuola di dottorato, i cui ricercatori vengono impegnati… (Continua a leggere)