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Hyperloop: «Ti porterò da Milano a Roma in 30 minuti»

Il treno che viaggia alla velocità del suono, sicuro e sostenibile è (quasi) realtà. Grazie a un italiano, Gabriele Bibop Gresta, che ha preso l’idea di Elon Musk e la sta realizzando. Con l’aiuto delle menti più talentuose del Pianeta. C’è un italiano a Los Angeles che sta lavorando su un sistema di trasporto rivoluzionario. Un treno che va alla velocità del suono, più sicuro di un aereo e più sostenibile di qualsiasi altro mezzo. Lui si chiama Gabriele Bibop Gresta, ha… (Continua a leggere)

Japan’s Robot Hotel Just Laid Off Half Its Robots

Automation? In this economy? Powering Down Japan’s iconic Henn-na — literally “Strange” ­— hotel has decommissioned half of the 243 robots it once used to handle everyday operations. Since opening in 2015, the hotel has raised publicity by “employing” hundreds of bizarre robots that ranged from bizarre-but-helpful-I-guess to downright annoying, according to The Wall Street Journal. The robot helpers made for a fun gimmick, but weren’t quite readyfor the big leagues — a blow not just to dreams of an automated world, but to Japan’s pop-culture image… (Continua a leggere)

Astronomers Discover Bizarre Quadruple Star System

The newly discovered system could lead to finding even stranger distant planets. Our Solar System has got one star and a handful of planets, and that’s really all we need. But other systems can have much more than that, often coming with two or—rarely—three stars orbiting each other. One group of astronomers has gone even further, managing to find a bizarre quadruple star system hiding just 146 light-years away. The system, named HD 98800, was discovered by astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter… (Continua a leggere)

China releases more images of the far side of the moon, calls mission a success

China on Friday broadcast pictures taken by its rover and lander on the moon’s far side, in what its space program hailed as another triumph for the groundbreaking mission to the less-understood sector of the lunar surface. The pictures on state broadcaster CCTV showed the Jade Rabbit 2 rover and the Chang’e 4 spacecraft that transported it on the first-ever soft landing on the far side of the moon, which always faces away from Earth. on Friday broadcast pictures taken… (Continua a leggere)

Corrected: Apple cuts current-quarter production plan for new iPhones by 10 percent: Nikkei

Apple Inc, which slashed its quarterly sales forecast last week, has reduced planned production for its three new iPhone models by about 10 percent for the January-March quarter, the Nikkei Asian Review reported on Wednesday. That rare forecast cut exposed weakening iPhone demand in China, the world’s biggest smartphone market, where a slowing economy has also been buffeted by a trade war with the United States. Many analysts and consumers have said the new iPhones are overpriced. Apple asked its… (Continua a leggere)

Digital Authoritarianism Is Rising. Here’s What That Means

The internet has long been touted as a force for freedom that can topple dictatorships around the world. But according to a new report on digital freedom, authoritarian forces are clawing back control and even re-purposing the web in ways that undermine democracy. Back in 2010, the Arab Spring was seen as definitive proof of the internet’s anarchic capacity to spread free speech and self-determination to one of the most repressive corners of the world. But less than a decade… (Continua a leggere)

Il ceo di Google, Sundar Pichai: "Intelligenza artificiale, le preoccupazioni sono fondate"

Ma sul lungo periodo, dice il capo di Big G, i benefici supereranno i rischi. Se le compagnie sapranno darsi delle regole precise sulle soluzioni di intelligenza artificiale REDUCE dall’audizione di fronte al Congresso statunitense, dove i parlamentari hanno dimostrato di avere ancora molta strada da fare per capire come funzioni davvero il business di internet, il ceo di Google Sundar Pichai è tornato a parlare. Lo ha fatto in un’intervista al Washington Post nella quale si è dedicato all’argomento dell’intelligenza artificiale, ai rischi… (Continua a leggere)

Per smaltire i rifiuti in Cina si cominciano a usare gli allevamenti di scarafaggi

Nell’impianto di Jinan, periferia di Shandong, si allevano circa un miliardo di scarafaggi ai quali vengono fornite 50 tonnellate giornaliere di rifiuti alimentari In Cina hanno scoperto che gli scarafaggi potrebbero rivelarsi estremamente utili per smaltire i rifiuti. Secondo quanto riporta l’agenzia Reuters, nella periferia di Jinan gli scarafaggi vengono addirittura coltivati in ambienti caldi e umidi, ideali per il loro habitat, e addomesticati per abituarli a mangiare i rifiuti. La Cina ha un enorme problema con lo smaltimento, solo Pechino produce circa 25 mila tonnellate di… (Continua a leggere)

Samsung’s first 5G smartphone for the first half of 2019!

Global 5G adoption to take off in 2021 Mobile internet connections on 4G networks are quicker than the internet connections that many people have at home. What used to be unthinkable in the early days of the mobile internet is now a reality. Streaming HD video or downloading music, apps and games on the go without a wi-fi connection is no problem on today’s wireless networks. According to Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report, there will be 3.4 billion 4G (LTE) smartphone… (Continua a leggere)

Facebook's Sandberg had company look into George Soros

Facebook on Thursday admitted that it not only probed billionaire George Soros’ motivations for criticizing the platform but also any potential investments he might have in the social media juggernaut. A statement from a Facebook spokesman said research on “potential motivations” for Soros’ January tongue lashing of the platform was underway when Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg sent an email inquiring about Soros’ possible position on Facebook stock. The admission was a response to a New York Times story Thursday that Sandberg… (Continua a leggere)