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China: does his IA generative

China: does his IA generative

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The 2023 will be the year of the artificial  generative intelligence, and everybody find to became the best in this sector.

The first country,  it became the West countruies, but also China join the challange, in the tecnology sector.

Pechino seems taht, it take place the important to realize I.A. generative, to based their success.

For example a model that, can rapresent the success of the China is the idea, built by Taiyi, that it is based a learning model.

The chief of the labor reserch is Harry Shum, that is the father of the Microsoft Asia reserch, the big dislocation of the US giant

The China would be competive in this sector, thanks to his enterprises, that they can take favour from other countries.

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