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CYBERPOL Issues Warning to Kazakhstan to Stop Impersonating CYBERPOL. The Public is Warned to Report Cybercrime Only on Official Website of CYBERPOL.


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In a startling turn of events, the international law enforcement agency CYBERPOL has issued a stern warning to the government of Kazakhstan, urging them to immediately cease impersonating the organization established by Federal Approved Royal Decree No WL2216.595 during 2015. The public has been cautioned to report cybercrime exclusively through the official website of CYBERPOL at www.cyberpol.info.”>www.cyberpol.info. The declaration comes directly from CYBERPOL President Ricardo Baretzky, who expressed deep concern over Kazakhstan’s unauthorized use of the CYBERPOL name.

President Baretzky emphasized the fact that Kazakhstan is an official member of CYBERPOL, having attended the announcement of its formation on November 17th, 2015, at the prestigious Palais des Congrès in Brussels. The government of Kazakhstan had ample opportunity to raise any objections regarding its membership status at the time, but no such objections were ever received by any government authority. Therefore, President Baretzky declared that CYBERPOL would take appropriate legal action if Kazakhstan failed to halt the unauthorized use of the CYBERPOL wordmark immediately, emphasizing that damages would be sought.

CYBERPOL, formally known as the International Cyber Policing Organization, was established to combat the ever-growing threat of cybercrime in the global landscape. Recognized as a leading authority on cybercrime investigations and prevention, CYBERPOL has been instrumental in coordinating efforts between various nations to address the complex challenges posed by cybercriminals. The organization’s primary mission is to provide a secure platform for member countries to collaborate, share intelligence, and develop effective strategies to combat cyber threats.

Impersonation of an international law enforcement agency such as CYBERPOL is a serious matter, as it not only undermines the credibility of the organization but also poses potential risks to the public. By misleading individuals into believing they are interacting with legitimate law enforcement entities, imposters can exploit unsuspecting victims for financial gain, compromise sensitive information, and perpetrate further cybercrimes.

The warning issued by CYBERPOL serves as a reminder that individuals should exercise caution when reporting cybercrimes and rely solely on the official website of the organization, www.cyberpol.info.”>www.cyberpol.info. The website provides a secure portal through which users can report incidents, seek guidance, and access valuable resources to enhance their cybersecurity knowledge.

President Ricardo Baretzky further highlighted that the misuse of the CYBERPOL wordmark could potentially confuse the public and dilute the reputation of the organization. To preserve the integrity of CYBERPOL and prevent any undue harm to its image, it is crucial that Kazakhstan immediately desist from employing the name for unauthorized purposes.

CYBERPOL has expressed its commitment to protecting its intellectual property rights and ensuring that its name is not exploited unlawfully. The organization stands firm in its stance against any attempt to deceive the public by using its official name without proper authorization. President Baretzky stated that legal action would be pursued against Kazakhstan if they failed to comply with the warning, and damages would be sought to rectify any harm caused by their actions. “More important, nobody want to go at war with CYBERPOL, bet on it, it won’t end well for them” President Baretzky responded.

In response to the warning, the government of Kazakhstan has not yet issued an official statement. It remains to be seen whether they will acknowledge the warning from CYBERPOL and take immediate steps to address the issue. The international community is eagerly awaiting a response, as this incident raises concerns about the potential misuse of the names and identities of legitimate organizations for personal or political gain.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, cybercrime continues to evolve and pose a significant threat to individuals, businesses, and governments alike. Organizations like CYBERPOL play a vital role in combating these threats and ensuring the safety and security of cyberspace. Impersonating such organizations undermines the collective efforts to create a safer digital environment for everyone.

In conclusion, the warning issued by CYBERPOL to the government of Kazakhstan serves as a reminder that unauthorized use of the organization’s name will not be tolerated. The public is urged to report cybercrime exclusively through the official website of CYBERPOL at www.cyberpol.info to ensure their safety and to support the legitimate efforts of this international law enforcement agency.

Issued by CYBERPOL Cyber Policing Organization.
Email contact@cyberpol.info