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The waste on the holidays Christmas

The waste on the holidays Christmas

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Every Christmas, everybody, while in this holidays are made gifts for important person in our life, but the waste of each person is in particulary for 43% in money, for food, the 41% for paper and packaging, is rapresent of the 11% of the waste, that finished in the dump.

This is what emerges that, a study conduced during in the Cristmas holidays Waste Watcher in occasion of the delivery awards for life a waste zero.

It is calculated that, about the 5% the food, that  they buy  during the Cristmas holidays will not be consumed, and was thrown increased the level of alimentary waste, and increased the climate change, because of it’s more difficult recuperate the food, and all finished in the dump, polluting the environment, therefore the level of the waste food produced 4,2 tons of Co2, incresed the pollution and damage the environment.

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