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Hight proteins foods are useful?

Hight proteins foods are useful?

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When we go to the supermarket, they always more crowded of aliments with “high protein” , as yogurt, beverages, cheese and protein bars.

The mistake is that, we have riformulated the alimentation based only food in calories, therefore we have found to reduce the fats, in favour of the carbohydrates.

Now in the market the point is hight the protein quotation, for this in the supermermarket we found only food with high protein content, with different percent of fats and carbohydrates.

The daily quotation of proteins is about 1,6 g/Kg of weight corporeal , above all when we make a long strong intensive workout for more hours weekly.

In the moment of buying high proteins food is important to control the presence of sweeteners, but it is useful to prefer the foods without any sweeteners, to maintain the weight.

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