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Teheran meeting on Syria starts

A short while ago, the meeting of the leaders of Russia, Iran and the Turkish occupation began in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Teheran meeting on Syria starts

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Iranian media announced that the Teheran meeting, which brings together Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian Ibrahim Raisi, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, started a short while ago.

 According to reports that preceded the meeting, the meeting will focus on the Syrian file in addition to regional and global issues.

 The Turkish occupation state is seeking to take the green light and make a deal with its partners in the Astana Pact regarding launching a new aggression against northern and eastern Syria, but the statements of both the leaders of Iran and Russia prior to the start of the meeting expressed their opposition to this aggression.

 Russia and Iran are also seeking to resolve the dispute between the Turkish occupation state and the Damascus government.

 The previous rounds of the Astana process mostly ended with deals at the expense of the Syrian people, and accusations were launched in their statements of the democratic project in north and east Syria.

Fonte: Hawarnwes.com